Do Florida Republicans want to purge existing enrollments in Vote By Mail? Make your voice heard.

Back in 2006, Republicans held a hefty advantage in Florida in voting by mail. But in 2020, Democrats had a clear lead in the use of vote by mail. Now that vote by mail no longer works in their favor, many Republicans want to eliminate existing enrollments!

Vote By Mail voting by political party (From Sun-Sentinel)

On Tuesday, February 16, The Ethics & Elections Committee, advanced legislation, SB 90, that if enacted would purge existing Vote By Mail enrollments and force every Florida voter to reapply after each general election.

The immediate result? Voting systems throughout the state of Florida will be thrown into chaos. And then, not surprisingly, DeSantis and Rubio will easily win re-election in 2022.  

State Senator Ileana Garcia (District 37) has pledged to work across the aisle. She sat on the committee and could be a swing vote to prevent it from it becoming law

Please raise the alarm about Republican efforts to gut Florida’s vote-by-mail system

What can you do? 

Please call newly-elected Senator Ileana Garcia (R. Dist. 37) to ask her to protect Florida’s vote-by-mail system by rejecting SB 90. 

You can call her office in the morning at (305) 442-6841 or (850) 487-5037

Let her office know that...

(1) Gutting the state’s vote-by-mail system will hurt all voters. Democrats, Republicans, the elderly and disabled, college students, and the military alike, will all have greater difficulty voting.

(2) The Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections doesn’t support SB 90. As FSASE’s president put it, “It’s going to cost ... multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars just to explain this to voters and to educate them. This presents a hurdle to voting, especially to our older population, which is not as mobile, and to the military.” Resources that could be spent on voter registration and election security will be wasted.

You may also email, though phone calls are generally more effective.

Email Senator Garcia at [email protected]. Please cc her legislative aide, at [email protected].  

Please bcc [email protected] on your email

Here is an example of a letter you may wish to send. But please customize it, and if you are not a constituent, please take that language out.  

Dear Senator Garcia;

I am writing as a constituent to ask you to oppose SB 90 and to help insure it does not get out of committee. There is no logic to cancelling current registrations for vote by mail and requiring the citizens of the State of Florida to re-apply now and after each general election thereafter. This is going to impose an extreme burden on the Supervisors of Elections across the state and will cost millions of unnecessary dollars.  

I urge you to talk to your colleagues to reject this senseless bill.

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