Stop paving miami - Say NO to the 836 extension

As many of you know, the Miami-Dade commission is preparing to approve a plan to extend State Road 836 past our protective Urban Development Boundary.

"The unpaved sensitive land outside the UDB is critical to protecting our water supply and to Everglades restoration efforts. It provides a path for water to percolate into and recharge our aquifer. It contains lands designated for Everglades restoration projects that will restore desperately needed freshwater flow and absorb the impacts of flooding." - Michael Baldwin & Mark Perry, Co-chairs of the Everglades Coalition (READ MORE IN MIAMI HERALD OPED)

Beyond the clear environmental reasons, investing in the 836 extension means diverting funds away from public transit, and guaranteeing even more urban sprawl.

We invite you to sign the following petition and join us to stop paving Miami. More info after signing regarding commissioner contacts and other upcoming events.

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