Brunch with Cuban-American Democrats and an update on US/Cuba policy - Saturday, February 2nd

Cuban-American Democrats will kick off a critical year as we work to inform voters on current legislation being drafted and upcoming elections in 2019 and 2020. Join us for brunch on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 at 10am. Location: Casa Cuba, 5859 SW 73rd St, South Miami.

With regards to Cuba, we will discuss the potential impacts of the revised Cuban constitution, and learn more about Cuba under Miguel Díaz-Canel. What inroads were made under Obama that have been undone by Trump?

Speakers for this bilingual presentation will be Oscar Visiedo and Hector Caraballo, founding members of the Cuban-American Democrats Club. Hector Caraballo is a former political prisoner in Cuba and President of the club for 10 years. 

Please RSVP and share the Facebook event page

For more information on the Cuban-American Democrats Club, you can reach out to myself, Lidia Moore, current club President at [email protected].

Elected Officials and Candidates are always welcome to drop in and address the group at our meetings.

Note: There is a public parking garage just to the east of the restaurant if there is no room in the small parking lot for the restaurant.

Food is optional for $15

Sobre Hector Caraballo:

Nació en Santa Clara, estudió en Los Hermanos Maristas y en la Universidad Central. Militó en el Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo (MRP), fue condenado a 5 años de prision por "delitos contra los poderes del estado". Escapó en una balsa y estuvo en el mar 4 días antes de que le rescataron. Ha vivido ademas de en Miami en Venezuela y Puerto Rico.

About Oscar Visiedo:

Oscar Visiedo worked at the government office that introduced Cuba to the Internet in 1992. He now works in management information systems at Carlos Albizu University in Miami. He also serves as an information strategist for the organization Discovery 21.


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