JP Bado - Candidate for Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party 2019

My name is Jean-Pierre (JP) Bado and I am seeking your vote to be the next Chair of the Miami Dade Democratic Executive Committee. More importantly, I am asking for your trust. We have shared values. If we were to discuss 100 social and political goals, it is likely that we would agree on 99 of them. The issue, really, is how to achieve them. How do we execute... I have about twenty five years of professional experience, spanning the military, financial and legal professions. I know that I can lead this organization in fulfilling those goals. With your support, we will achieve them.

Below are my thoughts on how I will approach the role, as well as my bio. I thank you for your consideration.

Overall Vision
While we aren’t in the business of making profits or seeking other commercial interests, we are in the business of representing our members at all levels of government. As a result, my vision for this role is to operate the Miami Dade DEC as a business would operate. A methodical and audacious approach to managing our party will be the best way to support the true leaders of our party, our elected officials who set policy and enact policy proposals or solutions.

Fundraising Vision
Americans who are more politically engaged are more likely to make political contributions. We therefore have no choice but to engage not just our own members but also our entire county’s voters. Those who say they vote or nearly always vote are five times more likely to make a political donation. We must be proactive in gathering demographic data to identify these individuals as fundraising sources and audacious in communicating our message to win their support.

Communications Vision
We must map out our message across platforms and stakeholders, incorporating and developing both online and offline options into a timeline leading up to November 2020. Our community is diverse both in its make-up and in its needs. We cannot assume that voters will gravitate to our values and elected leaders. We must win them over on their terms, not ours.

Analyzing the Situation

  • Asses our finance and communication structures.
  • Partner with State and other local DEC members and local elected officials to ensure a consistent message reaches our community and theirs.
  • Break the calendar into 8 week intervals from now through November 2020 and establish
    short term recruitment, financial and operational goals to meet our long term needs.

Executing the Vision

  • Create project timelines for all of our recruitment, financial and operational goals.
  • Identify and coach our most dedicated volunteers to attain those goals.
  • We will conduct regular visits to Supervisor of Elections to update our rolls of registered voters / prepare communications plans to new voters & new Democrats.
  • We will develop an overall fundraising plan that incorporates short term goals with large “Blue Gala” type events
  • I will lead the local outreach to corporations, private companies, trusts, societies and various other organizations in addition to individual donors in a coordinated partnership with other leaders.
  • In the spirit of transparency, I will publish regular periodic Chairman’s notes and updates to the DEC community.
  • I will serve as the Miami Dade’s chief Democratic Party morale officer, audaciously delivering our shared message by
    • Meeting with our constituent clubs regularly.
    • Establishing a coherent marketing strategy with TV/Radio outlets that regularly communicates our vision to all Miami Dade voters.
    • Establishing a DEC presence at the many local cultural events that take place in Miami year around.

My background:
I graduated from the United States Military Academy with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and then served in the United States Army as an infantry officer. Rising to the rank of Captain, I served as Platoon Leader, Battalion Logistics Officer and Company Commander. During my career, I was assigned to NATO and United Nations missions throughout the world. I’ve led units of varying sizes, from as little as 26 soldiers to as many as 250. Over the course of my career, I earned several medals for military achievement and service. Upon my Honorable Discharge, I moved to Miami. I earned an M.B.A. from the University of Miami, specializing in finance. For several years, I worked in the financial industry. I worked in various roles in Operations, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Wealth Management. I served as a Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) financial counselor at the United States Southern Command in Doral, Florida. I am also a published author on the financial industry and its duties to investors.

More recently, I earned my J.D. from Florida International University College of Law. I now practice law at Genovese, Joblove & Battista, P.A., a law firm located in downtown Miami, FL. I concentrate my practice on domestic and international litigation.


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