Jeff Solomon: Candidate for Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party

In declaring my candidacy for Miami-Dade DEC Chair today, I am dedicating myself anew to what our common purpose as an organization must be: the election of Democrats at every level of government from municipal to federal. To that worthy end, I pledge to devote my entire toolkit: my 40 years of experience in leadership roles, my familiarity with all phases of the electoral process, my ties to and success in the business community, my talents as a rainmaker, my willingness to truly hear diverse voices, and my ability to unite them under the party of people. In pursuit of that goal, and with the help of fellow-Democrats from Aventura and Miami Gardens to Homestead, from Doral and West Kendall to Overtown and Liberty City, and from Little Havana to Downtown and Key Biscayne, as DEC Chair I will build a sustainable, self-sufficient, well-funded, cohesive, and efficient organization that is accountable both to voters and to donors, and that nurtures future candidates and current elected officials alike.

No longer can we tolerate gaps in our infrastructure, low turnouts by our voters, or unresolved intraparty squabbles. No longer can we remain dependent on the generosity of state and national party organizations. No longer can we tolerate razor-thin losses by worthy candidates who, had they been elected, would have embraced the principles we hold in common and served the interests of all Floridians.

Rather, we must learn from the notable success we have had this past election cycle, plan meticulously, refine our methods and our message, recruit electable candidates, broaden our outreach, expand our donor base, and nourish relationships between donors, elected officials, and future candidates. We must devote ourselves, entirely and completely, to winning elections in 2019, 2020, and beyond. Have no doubt: our Republican opponents are already fully engaged in this process.

I make the following concrete proposals:

  • Raise $1,000,000 by November 2020
  • Invest resources required to run an accountable 7 days/week political operation
  • Manage operations with unity and total inclusion of clubs and caucuses in mind
  • Restructure the DEC model from a precinct system to a district system

Miami-Dade Democratic victory in 2019, and especially in 2020, cannot simply be an aspiration, a dream. If elected as DEC Chair, and with the time and the talents, the passion, the strength and the will of all Democrats devoted to our success, I will make that dream a reality.


  • Past President of the Florida Chiropractic Association.
  • Past President of the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council.
  • Official Team USA Medical Staff Physician at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.
  • Graduate of Leadership Florida Statewide Community Foundation Class XXVI
  • Co-Chair of the Miami-Dade Sports Commission
  • Miami-Dade Public Schools - School Medical Health Advisory Committee
  • Vice-Chair of the Pinecrest Zoning Board
  • YMCA Soccer Coach
  • YMCA Flag Football Coach
  • Past President Democratic Power Club
  • B.O.D. Democrats of South Dade Club
  • Miami-Dade DEC Issues Committee:
    • Education Group Chair
    • Election Reform Group Chair
    • Affordable Housing Group Deputy Chair
  • Candidate Florida House of Representatives District #115
    • Won Democratic Primary of 2016 and 2018

Thank you for your confidence,

Jeff Solomon

With over 600K registered Democrats in Miami-Dade, we represent the largest number of Democrats of any county in the state of Florida. We want to work with all Democrats to organize and effect change around the issues that will improve lives of those in our community. We invite you to sign up for email updates, and join us at county and local club meetings to learn how to get more involved.

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