Are you thinking about voting for the Green Party candidate in the 2020 elections?

A final plea to Green Party and other climate change concerned voters ahead of Election Day 2020

This is John Henry Dale and I'm the Digital Media Chair for Miami-Dade Democrats. I'm also a 2015 Climate reality leader as well as a former Green party member, registered Independent, and Mountain Party planning commissioner when I lived in wild wonderful West Virginia. I grew up on an intentional community dedicated to sustainable agriculture and finding a more harmonious way of co-existing on planet earth. I’ve been an environmental activist for most of my life and a green party or third party member at various points of the last few decades. But this year I switched parties to the Democrats because I believe that they are the only viable chance we have to save this planet’s environment.

I wanted to take a few moments to today to reach out to Green party, Libertarian and Non-Party-Affiliated voters in Florida  to explain why I think that a Blue-Green / 3rd Party coalition is the only real solution to climate change.

If Hillary Clinton had received 50% of the 3rd party votes, she would have won Florida in 2016. Let’s be honest here, we all know that neither Howie Hawkins or Jo Jorgensen is going to win the presidential race in Florida and we know that Trump has already completed 72 of 99 his intended intended environmental policy rollbacks and will only continue Ravaging the environment if he gets elected again. So the only chance we have to get ANY kind of progressive environmental agenda passed is through electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

I’m not going to candy coat this: voting green or voting third-party in Florida is equivalent to voting for Trump. Every vote for a third-party candidate right now is one vote that could’ve gone to Biden-Harris who are the only viable candidates right now seriously talking about climate change and how to address it.

While we may not all agree on Joe Biden’s position on fracking, natural gas is a transitional fuel and the reality is that we can’t just flip a switch and instantly start running the entire economy on renewables. Think about how many people are driving Internal combustion engine cars and heating  and powering their homes with either Coal or natural gas fueled electricity. We have to fundamentally restructure the entire American energy economy to be able to run on 100% renewables achieve net zero carbon emissions and the only path towards restructuring our economy to that scale is to work TOGETHER TO GAIN enough political power to create the laws that will enable it.

So here’s what I’m asking you: PLEASE vote for Biden-Harris on the presidential race. Believe it or not there are actually a lot of Democrats who support the large majority of the green party's platform, but because Trump has been systematically destroying this country's environmental regulations they know the only viable option to get ANY progress on climate change made is by voting Biden-Harris. And speaking as a former Green and third-party member, I’m one of them.

And I can’t speak for all Democrats or even the entire Miami-Dade Democratic party, the first thing I will be doing when Biden wins this election is making DAMN sure that he sticks to his word on the environment and climate change and And that he  starts steering this country towards sustainability. We will keep him to his word or he will suffer the political consequences for it in 2024.

We all have a lot more in common than we do that divides us and we can't let the GOP and foreign agents of chaos drive a wedge between us and screw the planet in the process. We are stronger together than we are divided. So let's form a Blue-Green coalition and vote for Biden-Harris because the planet just cannot take another 4 years of Trump's insanity. Thanks and see you out there at the polls and in the streets.