Miami-Dade Democratic Party Seeks Multiple Field Organizers for Early and Sustained Voter Outreach

The Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is hiring multiple Field Organizers for an unprecedented voter outreach effort for 2020. We are seeking Field Organizers who are ready to pull up their sleeves and help us flip Florida blue, and gain valuable campaign experience in the largest county in the most important swing state in the country. 

You will get paid to help defeat Trump in 2020, period.

While doing that, you will also help build up grassroots power, register new voters, and support our down-ballot state, county, and local Democratic candidates whose campaigns are just as important to our community's needs as the top of the ticket.

If you are excited to conduct voter outreach, engagement, voter registration, and vote-by-mail signups, if you want to build and manage volunteer events such as phone banks and voter registration drives, if you you can recruit, train, and manage volunteers with the aim of building teams capable of operating independently, you should apply.

Read the full job description and instructions for applying here.

Our communities in Miami-Dade can't wait until we have a nominee for the organizing to begin. That work, which has already started, must now kick into high gear.

Do you have experience in community organizing or electoral campaigns or experience in community organizing and relationship building? Are you experienced in working with and for underserved communities and communities of color? Are you able to communicate with internal and external stakeholders of diverse backgrounds and socio-economic levels? You should apply.

Change can't wait. Florida is one of the most important swing states in the country. No Republican has won the White House without winning Florida in the last 50 years. And Miami-Dade County is the largest county in Florida, home to over 600,000 Democrats and more than 450,000 "No Party Affiliation" voters. If Miami-Dade County voters turn out at the same high rates as the rest of the state, we will flip Florida blue, and we will deny Trump a second term in office. If you are excited to make this happen, read through the job description and apply today.

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