FDP Rules and Bylaws proposed changes

I was recently appointed to the FDP Rules Committee. In a recent conference call last Thursday, the Rules Committee discussed how to best present the proposed FDP bylaws changes, the culmination of a year-long process. There are some major changes to the bylaws including changes to the "weighted voted," changing eligibility rules to run for State Chair, and other changes (many of which are dependent on changing the weighted voted).

On Thursday March 22, the Rules committee voted to ask the State Executive Committee to consider the "weighted vote" question first, followed by the rest of the amendments. While I'm not entirely sure in what exact manner the amendments will be presented, I would like to share the documents that were discussed:

The State Party will meet on Sunday, April 15 at 10am in Orlando to vote on these proposed amendments. Over the next few days, I hope to break down what all these amendments mean and how it will impact our DEC.

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