Doral Rep. Ana Maria Rodriguez Joins Anti-Immigrant Hate Group at Miami Event

Miami, FL – The Miami Herald recently reported Lt. Governor Núñez and Doral Rep. Ana Maria Rodriguez participated in an event with the anti-immigrant group “Federation for American Immigration Reform” (FAIR) as part of Trump’s Hispanic Outreach.  FAIR has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for their extremist anti-immigrant and anti-Latino agenda. 

Rep. Ana Maria Rodriguez, 3rd from right, at event with anti-immigrant hate group FAIR

FAIR previously played a role, despite denials and claims of ignorance from various Republicans, in Florida banning sanctuary cities.  The Republican Party of Florida has been widely criticized for running Facebook ads echoing Trump’s branding of immigration as an “invasion” and using his language in an anti-immigrant documentary filmed in El Paso.

Ana Maria Rodriguez later claimed she did not know FAIR would be participating in last week’s event, reflecting a broader pattern of supporting anti-immigrant extremists and then declaring ignorance.  In April, after voting for SB168 and putting Venezuelan immigrants at greater risk of deportation back to Maduro’s dictatorship, she later claimed she did not realize Venezuelans would not be protected.  She was widely denounced by Venezuelan activists, including William Diaz of Casa de Venezuela-Orlando, who asserted “it seems like she’s got no clue what’s going on.  She’s not representing the Venezuelans in Doral. She’s not representing the Venezuelans in the state of Florida.” 

Ana Maria Rodriguez represents Doral in the Florida legislature, and one of the largest concentrations of Venezuelan refugees in the United States.  She is now running for State Senate District 39, along with several respected leaders of the Democratic Party.

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