As of 12/07/16, the current list of voting members of the Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee is below and the list of vacancies can be found here

First Name Last Name Pct M/F Status Precinct / Position
George Abbott 536 M Elected  
Donald Abicht 713 M Elected  
Glenda Abicht 713 F Elected  
Ian Abrams 9 M Elected  
Yolanda Abrams 9 F Elected  
Ignacio Acosta-Thompson 538 M At-Large  
Abra Adrabi 156 F Elected  
Jon Adrabi 156 M Elected  
Ilyana Albarran 142 F Elected  
Cristina Albright 611 F Elected  
Nicoles Alegre 459 M Elected  
Brandon Alfred 534 M Elected  
Ulyses Almanza 510 M Elected  
Lily Alvarado 305 F Elected  
Edmar Amaya-Cortes 757 M Elected  
Charlie Anderson 803 M Elected  
Dianna Anderson 803 F Elected  
Robert Asencio N/A M Automatic State Representative
Lili Bach 516 F At-Large  
Deborah Bachar 123 F Elected  
Daisy Baez 609 F Elected  
Lucia Baez 18 F Elected  
Yolanda Balido 611 F At-Large  
Anthony Balzebre III 587 M Elected  
Darryl Banks 561 M Elected  
Gustavo Beaujardin 149 M Elected  
Veronique Belizaire 792 F Elected  
Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall 249 F Elected  
Bret Berlin 579 M Elected  
Anik Bhattacharya 544 M Elected  
Ronald Bilbao 504 M Elected  
Kilan Bishop 515 F Elected  
Stephen Bittel 586 M Elected  
Anis Blemur 140 M Elected  
Helen Boyer 115 F Elected  
Eric Brakken 670 M Elected  
Constance Brandenburg 344 F Elected  
Oscar Braynon N/A M Automatic State Senator
Roslyn Brezin 5 F Elected  
Miguel Brizuela 696 M Elected  
Dwight Bullard 801 M Elected  
Diana Burnet 31 F At-Large  
Denzel Burnside III 815 M Elected  
Charlene Butler 216 F Elected  
Carlos Cabrera 649 M Elected  
Daphne Campbell N/A F Automatic State Senator
Vivianka Cancio 14 F Elected  
Lorenzo Canizares 766 M Elected  
Hector Caraballo 773 M Elected  
Alberto Carrillo 343 M Elected  
Linda Carroll 627 F Elected  
Johanna Cervone 124 M Elected  
Kevin Chambliss 920 M Elected  
Rosnelly Chavarria 398 F Elected  
Mae Christian 520 F Elected  
Janice Coakley 270 F Elected  
Barbara Cohen N/A F Automatic North Shore Dems
Annette Collazo 304 F Elected  
Richard Coller 750 M Elected  
Carlos Condarco 36 M Elected  
James Consolantis 28 M Elected  
Kalynn Cook 544 F Elected  
Mariano Corcilli 42 M Elected  
Mari Corugedo 769 F At-Large  
Arthur Costa 572 M Elected  
Francesca Covey 614 F At-Large  
James Covey 614 M Elected  
Melinda Cowen 149 F Elected  
Nace Crawford 579 M At-Large  
Juan Cuba 633 M Elected  
Roberto Cuba 561 M Elected  
Holly Cukier 546 F Elected  
Olivia Cutting 845 F Elected  
Kayla Czape 983 F Elected  
Jorge de la Paz 576 M Elected  
Daniel de Leon 338 M Elected  
Ben De Yurre 364 M Elected  
Kristopher Decossard 536 M At-Large  
Jacques Despinosse 138 M Elected  
Dan Di Matteo 29 M Elected  
Clint Diamond 576 M At-Large  
Antonio Diaz 579 M Elected  
Kevin Diaz 853 M Elected  
Deborah Dion 143 F Elected  
Marcus Dixon 123 M Elected  
David Doebler 30 M Elected  
Pedro Domit 51 M Elected  
Paula Dorfman 146 F Elected  
Sam Dorr 544 M Elected  
Christian Duran 347 M Elected  
Leonarda Duran 969 F Elected  
Nick Duran N/A M Automatic State Representative
Melissa Dynan 585 F Elected  
Verlance Echoles 262 F Elected  
Patricia Elizee 14 F Elected  
Luis Escobar 501 M Elected  
Chester Fair N/A M Automatic Ron Brown Black Caucus
Luis Falconi 370 M Elected  
Johnny Farias 909 M Elected  
Stephany Feijoo 775 F Elected  
Ernesto Fernandez 184 M Elected  
Javier Fernandez 653 M Elected  
Jonathan Fernandez 272 M Elected  
Margarita Fernandez 576 F Elected  
Simon Ferro 723 M Elected  
Don Festge 148 M Elected  
Laurie Flink 111 F Elected  
Alejandro Flores 819 M Elected  
Alexis Flores 569 F Elected  
Christine Florez 36 F Elected  
Vanessa Francis 541 F Elected  
Fred Frost 766 M Elected  
Ron Fulton N/A M Automatic Disability Caucus
Marc Garcia 184 M Elected  
Maria Garcia 504 F Elected  
Patricia Garrett 802 F Elected  
Pedro Gassant 131 M Elected  
Teresa Gavalda 765 F Elected  
Joe Geller N/A M Automatic State Representative
Anyi Gil 367 F Elected  
Mark Gilbert 616 M Elected  
Denise Glass 768 F Elected  
Gregory Goddard 609 M At-Large  
Gabriel Goffman 996 M Elected  
Stanley Goldberg 5 M Elected  
Brian Goldmeier 995 M At-Large  
Bob Goldstein N/A M Automatic South Dade Dems
Alejandro Gomez 569 M Elected  
Gabriel Gomez 697 M Elected  
Rafael Gomez 360 M Elected  
Carlos Gonzalez 561 M At-Large  
Kevin Gonzalez 704 M Elected  
Janis Good 42 F Elected  
Andrew Gordon 51 M Elected  
Melina Gordon 103 F Elected  
Dawn Grayson 24 F Elected  
Louella Grayson 212 F Elected  
Virginia Gregorio-Infante 569 F Elected  
Carly Grimm 33 F At-Large  
Anabella Grohoski 298 F At-Large  
Erika Grohoski Peralta 298 F Elected  
Ecclesiaste Guerrier 244 M Elected  
Manuel Gutierrez 889 M Elected  
Gabriela Guzman 641 F At-Large  
Roy Hardemon N/A M Automatic EDITH will speak to them
Betty Harrison 229 F Elected  
Linda Hausmann 582 F Elected  
Alexander Heckler 29 M elected  
Anne Hemingway Feuer 825 F Elected  
Javier Hernandez 413 M Elected  
Millie Herrera 721 F Elected  
Patrick Hidalgo 467 M Elected  
Eileen Higgins 984 F Elected  
Henry Honig 995 M Elected  
Tometro Hopkins 269 F Elected  
anahi Hurtado 32 F Elected  
Daniel Hurtado 740 M Elected  
Marco Ibarra 549 M Elected  
Maria Irizarry 538 F Elected  
Nabilah Islam 996 F Elected  
Steven Jackson 561 M Elected  
Adam Jacobowitz 635 M Elected  
Bruce Jacobs 583 M At-Large  
Marckenson Jeanty 127 M Elected  
Bernard Jennings 239 M Elected  
Phillip Jerez 517 M At-Large  
Rachel Johnson 633 F Elected  
Tyson Johnson 16 M Elected  
Fannie Jones 249 F Elected  
Dotie Joseph 135 F Elected  
Linda Joseph 130 F Elected  
Fosie Joseph-Norton 250 F Elected  
Elizabeth Judd 239 F Elected  
Robert Julien 337 M Elected  
Thomas Kennedy 579 M At-Large  
Maryellen Kirwan 331 F Elected  
Carolyn Klepser 31 F Elected  
Amanda Knapp 37 F Elected  
Christopher Korge 628 M Elected  
Thomas Korge 614 M At-Large  
Prakash Kumar 43 M Elected  
Henrietta Lacey 223 F Elected  
Jessica Laguerre 827 F Elected  
Richard Lamondin 518 M Elected  
Matthew Land 18 M Elected  
Dana Lawrence 544 F Elected  
Michael LeFevre 609 M Elected  
Phyllis Lehman 148 F Elected  
Artie Leichner 913 M Elected  
Caitlin Leor-Fishman 33 F Elected  
Cindy Lerner 630 F Elected  
Caroline Lewis 825 F Elected  
Eddie Lewis 155 M Elected  
Marie Flore Lindor-Latortue 969 F At-Large  
Ken Lipner 181 M Elected  
Isabel Loaiza 23 F Elected  
Caren Lobo 586 F Elected  
Richard Lobo 586 M At-Large  
Tina Lombard 103 F Elected  
Lynette Long 40 F Elected  
Anthony Lopez 701 M Elected  
Augusto Lopez 760 M Elected  
Maria-Elena Lopez 614 F Elected  
Sasha Lopez 388 F Elected  
Tyler Loy 23 M Elected  
Alexa Lubin 621 F Elected  
Pamela Luckie 203 M Elected  
Mayra Macias 16 F Elected  
Karen Maerovitz 29 F Elected  
Abigael Mahony 567 F Elected  
Martin Maldonado 810 M Elected  
Jose Manana 352 M At-Large  
Dwayne Manuel 224 M Elected  
Ines Mato 538 F Elected  
Bess McElroy 516 F Elected  
Kionne McGhee N/A M Automatic State Representative
Mindy McIlroy 504 F At-Large  
Aaron McKinney 512 M Elected  
Cedric McMinn 351 M Elected  
Diana Mendez 541 F At-Large  
Francesca Menes 156 F Elected  
Leah Messing 995 F Elected  
Gepsie Metellus 152 F Elected  
Alex Meyer 996 M At-Large  
Eduardo Milanese 448 M Elected  
Alejandro Miyar 617 M At-Large  
Duysevi Miyar 303 F Elected  
Andrea Molina 636 F Elected  
Monica Montes 461 F Elected  
Kiesha Moodie 502 F Elected  
Ariel Morel 18 M At-Large  
Patricio Moreno 965 M Elected  
Ruth Moreno 965 F Elected  
Elizabeth Moss 769 F Elected  
Alejandro Munoz-McKearney 569 M Elected  
Andres Nazario 344 M Elected  
Allan Nichols 154 M Elected  
Victor Nieto 148 M Elected  
Julie Nissenbaum 614 F At-Large  
Christopher Norwood 352 M Elected  
Adam Nott 517 M Elected  
Kathy O'Sullivan 794 F Elected  
Theodore Obrien 983 M Elected  
Crystal Ochoa 971 F Elected  
Carlos Odio 541 M Elected  
Jonathan Oriole 538 M Elected  
Edith Owens 221 F Elected  
Morgan Owens 346 M Elected  
Edwin Pagan 761 M Elected  
Michelle Pamies 114 F At-Large  
Gail Paris 995 F Elected  
Lauren Parra 546 F At-Large  
David Patlak 48 M At-Large  
Maryanne Patlak 48 F Elected  
Raymond Paultre 538 M Elected  
Melba Pearson 32 F Elected  
Carlos Pereira N/A M Automatic Venezuelan American Dems
Andrea Perez 207 F Elected  
Damian Perez 599 M Elected  
Darryl Perez 300 M Elected  
Elizabeth Perez 673 F Elected  
Zenia Perez 108 F Elected  
Laisa Pertet 621 F Elected  
John Pessoa 636 M Elected  
Anthony Petisco 672 M Elected  
Roseline Philippe 136 F Elected  
Jennifer Pinell 414 F Elected  
Justin Pinn 498 M Elected  
Howard Pita 631 M Elected  
Benjamin Pollara 601 M Elected  
Courtney Premer 148 F Elected  
Sharon Pritchett N/A F Automatic State Representative
Carlos Puentes 337 M At-Large  
Silvio Pupo-Casco 522 M Elected  
Lynda Raheem 743 F Elected  
Stefano Rainelli 754 M Elected  
Carla Reglando 431 F Elected  
Mariana Rego 696 F Elected  
David Richardson N/A M Automatic State Representative
Christopher Riker 143 M Elected  
Sheila Riojas 971 F At-Large  
Viviem Rivero 715 F Elected  
Delores Rivers 178 F Elected  
Meri-Jane Rochelson 101 F Elected  
Julio Rodiguez 377 M Elected  
Antonio Rodriguez 337 M At-Large  
Elizabeth Rodriguez 569 F Elected  
Jose Javier Rodriguez N/A M Automatic State Senator
Vanessa Rolon 343 F Elected  
Evan Ross 105 M Elected  
Aldo Ruiz 366 M Elected  
Sandra Ruiz 366 F Elected  
Gregory Saint-Jean 119 M Elected  
Brandon Salky 754 M Elected  
Giovanna Salucci 156 F Elected  
Yanyn San Luis 633 F At-Large  
Stefanie Sass 20 F Elected  
Giorgio Savron 18 M Elected  
Christopher Schneider 609 M Elected  
Dara Schoenwald 30 F Elected  
America Schroh 119 F Elected  
Barbara Schwartz 734 F Elected  
Wendy Sejour 928 F Elected  
Seth Sklarey 587 M Elected  
Jose Smith 15 M Elected  
Anaruth Solache 303 F Elected  
Carol Solano 748 F Elected  
Adam Sosnick 534 M At-Large  
Joshua Sproat 538 M At-Large  
Cynthia Stafford N/A F Automatic State Representative
Clarareather Stewart 229 F Elected  
Jonathan Stewart 504 M Elected  
Kele Stewart 504 F Elected  
Rachel Streitfeld 41 F Elected  
Asriele Stubbs 508 F Elected  
Henry Sturrup 250 M Elected  
Jesus Suarez 232 M Elected  
Talita Sueldo 502 F Elected  
Annette Taddeo 650 F Elected  
Venghan Tang 728 F Elected  
Maria-Cecilia Tavera 582 F Elected  
Lew Thaler N/A M Automatic Sunny Isles Pres
Cassandra Theramene 138 F Elected  
Larry Thorson 13 M Elected  
Vilma Tobar 712 F Elected  
Mehala Vaidhyanathan 114 F Elected  
Angel Vallejos 551 M Elected  
Milton Vazquez 558 M Elected  
Rafael Velasquez 48 M Elected  
Angel Villanueva 859 M Elected  
Lucrecia Villanueva 859 F Elected  
Gonzalo Vizcardo 515 M Elected  
Lai Wah Eng 458 F Elected  
Elizabeth Washington-Wells 295 F Elected  
Barbara Watson N/A F Automatic State Representative
Tracy Weems 971 M Elected  
William Wells N/A M Automatic LGBT Caucus Pres
Lynn Wheeler 641 F Elected  
Courtney Whitney 624 F Elected  
Norman Whyte 765 M Elected  
Anthony Williams 541 M Elected  
Christopher Williams 627 M At-Large  
Deltravis Williams 817 M Elected  
Matthew Williams 627 M Elected  
Maria Wimberly 512 F Elected  
Sardebra Wright 223 F Elected  
Freddie Young 814 F Elected  
Rubin Young 564 M Elected  
Bradley Zappala 14 M Elected