Bylaws Review

The Bylaws Committee met on January 12, 2019 to develop a process by which the Committee would solicit recommendations from the DEC membership and facilitate the development and passage of desired changes to our County Bylaws. This process was approved by our Steering Committee on January 14, 2019.

To facilitate communication with the DEC membership, a new email address was created ( through which communications between the Committee and the Membership on this topic will be conducted.

The Committee will visit Club and Caucus Meetings during February to present the process and recommendations received to date as well as solicit recommendations and comments from Club Members. Inter-club Council President Steve Dloogoff will lead this outreach effort to arrange for these meetings.

A new page will be added to the website and a closed Facebook group (open to DEC members only) will be created to facilitate the making and commenting upon recommendations. All recommendations will be posted on the Facebook group and Members will be able to comment on recommendations through the Facebook group.

To promote participation by DEC Members in all parts of our County, we will have several town hall format meetings at which the process and recommendations will be presented and recommendations and comments solicited. These meetings will be conducted on Tuesday evenings starting on March 5 and running through April 16. The meetings will occur in the Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Kendall, Liberty City, Coral Gables, Richmond Heights, and Homestead areas. The exact time and place of the meetings will hopefully be arranged with the help of club presidents in those areas.

Recommendations and comments will be accepted until the end of April.

The Bylaws Committee will schedule and advertise a working meeting in May to process the recommendations and comments into a coherent set of recommended changes. Comments from the DEC Membership will be accepted at each of these meetings. A recommendation to the Steering Committee meeting of June 3 will be made that includes a narrative description of the recommended change along with the specific edits required in our Bylaws.

Assuming Steering Committee support, the recommended Bylaws change will be distributed to the membership in advance of the June 9 General Meeting. During that meeting, comment from the DEC will be solicited.

Based on feedback from the Membership, the Bylaws Committee will meet again in August to make a final recommendation to the Steering Committee in early September and to the Membership at our September 9 meeting for a vote.

In summary, the process is as follows:

  • The Bylaws committee will explain the process and solicit feedback during the February DEC meeting, and at meetings of the Clubs and Caucuses throughout February and March
  • Town Halls will be conducted in March and April throughout the county to discuss proposals and solicit new ideas
  • Recommendations will be accepted until the end of April. There are three ways to submit suggestions and comments:
    • Email
    • Comment on the Facebook page
    • Submit suggestions in-person at a meeting
  • The Bylaws Committee will discuss and vote on a set of Bylaws changes in May to be presented to the Steering Committee
  • The Steering Committee will discuss and approve the Bylaws changes in June to present at the June DEC meeting
  • The DEC will be presented with the first draft of the changes during the June meeting for comment
  • The Bylaws Committee will reconvene in August to present a final recommendation to the steering committee and to the DEC
  • The DEC will vote on Bylaws changes during the September 9 meeting