$275 Per Week Is Not Enough To Survive

To Governor Ron DeSantis: hundreds of thousands of workers in Miami-Dade have lost their jobs (or soon will) due to the closing of businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Florida provides only 12 weeks of unemployment insurance, and only pays $275 per week (among the lowest in the country). Meanwhile, Florida has more than $4 billion in the trust fund for unemployment benefits. Now is the time to use it.

We call on Governor DeSantis to issue an executive order that will provide immediate relief to thousands of workers seeking reemployment assistance:

  • Increase the length of time workers are eligible for unemployment during the outbreak to 26 weeks minimum.
  • Increase the maximum payouts to ensure sufficient coverage. $275 per week is not enough to survive.
  • Call the Florida Legislature into session to take action on any of the above items that require their approval.
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