The Blue Gala is Almost Here!

The Miami Dade Democratic Party will be hosting the annual Blue Gala at the Miami Beach Convention Center on September 9th, 2022. The Gala Chairs include State Senator Shevrin Jones and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins. The Gala comes right after the August Primary elections and right before the November General elections, as the Miami-Dade Democrats prepare to mobilize and engage Miami-Dade residents in order to deliver results for our community. To purchase your table or individual tickets, click here.

Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, Robert Dempster, said “Pollsters across the country are saying that Republicans are going to sweep this upcoming election. But Democrats have been the ones talking to voters, hearing their concerns and frustrations, and it's clear that people need help and that Democrats are ready to deliver. The Miami-Dade Democratic Party is prepared to mobilize and engage voters across our county leading up to the November election. After this Gala, I’m confident the Miami-Dade Democrats will be ready to fight for the future of our community and that we will be prepared to win the November elections.”

Miami-Dade County Commissioner and Gala Co-Chair, Eileen Higgins, said “I’ve talked to Miami-Dade residents who are feeling the pain of our affordability crisis with the rising prices of everyday goods like gas, food, and housing. Democrats at all levels of government are working to provide real relief for our residents while the other side is focused on a fake culture war. Democrats are organizing this Gala so we can refocus our attention on the issues that matter to voters and ensuring we have a strategy to win come November.”

State Senator and Gala Co-Chair, Shevrin Jones, said “I’m sick and tired of Republicans passing hateful laws from the 'Don’t Say Gay' bill to the abortion ban, and voters are tired of it too. It’s time for Democrats to stand up against Republicans and show Miami-Dade our vision for the future. We’re ready to get our inflation under control, secure the rights and freedoms of everyone, and ensure every resident has the opportunity to thrive. I’m excited for the Miami-Dade Democratic Blue Gala because we are going to leave energized and ready to win the future in November.”

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