Party Chair Steve Simeonidis: Trumps Latest Disgrace Is Hosting the G7 At His Doral Property

The Trump Administration recently announced that the G7 summit will be held at his Doral property.  Instead of picking a location based on security priorities and one that strains local infrastructure and traffic the least, the President once again chose to use his office to enrich himself and help his failing businesses.  He continues to profit off the presidency through numerous conflicts of interest and has wasted tens of millions of dollars traveling to his own properties and golf courses.  Taxpayer dollars will flow right into his pockets, and security will be paid for by Miami-Dade taxpayers.

Trump’s culture of corruption has permeated his administration with an endless string of misuse of taxpayer dollars, conflicts of interest, and concealing information.  Trump is creating an economy that benefits himself, big corporations and the wealthiest Americans at the expense of middle-class families.

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