Call your legislator NOW. Stop them from arming teachers.

The Republicans and the NRA have hijacked the gun reform conversation, and are now poised to pass a bill that gives the NRA their #1 priority: a government sponsored program that trains teachers to carry firearms in the classroom.

This is what the NRA has been asking for since Sandy Hook.

The Republicans merged all the gun proposals into one package in a craven strategy to use the pain of the victims of Parkland to give the NRA exactly what it's always wanted. It's a cowardly strategy, and some parents have now spoken out that Republicans are using them. Now they're telling us, either you arm teachers or you get nothing.

Even some Democrats are falling for it. The bills have now passed all necessary committees. It is expected to voted on the House floor this Friday or Saturday, and on the Senate floor early next week. We must act now. For more information on the bill (HB7101/ SB7026) and how it will impact the national gun reform conversation, read this article.

Demand your legislator to vote NO on any piece of legislation that includes arming teachers.

Forward this email. And call right NOW and tell them:

  • HB 7101 and Senate Bill 7026 do not address the real problem with mass shootings: the easy availability of assault weapons and large capacity magazines. Instead, they want to flood schools with more guns by arming teachers.
  • We need to REMOVE the language that arms teachers from the bill.
  • If we cannot remove the language, we must vote NO.
  • The bill is not "better than nothing." It's worse. It's dangerous.
  • Do not give in to Republican arguments that it's either arming teachers or its nothing.
  • The legacy of Parkland cannot be the start of arming teachers.

Contact Information for 15 key House and Senate members:

Thank you for what you do. 

Here's an easy copy/paste to email all at the same time: 

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